xlwings - Make Excel Fly!ΒΆ

xlwings (Open Source) is a BSD-licensed Python library that makes it easy to call Python from Excel and vice versa:

  • Scripting: Automate/interact with Excel from Python using a syntax close to VBA.

  • Macros: Replace VBA macros with clean and powerful Python code.

  • UDFs: Write User Defined Functions (UDFs) in Python (Windows only).

Numpy arrays and Pandas Series/DataFrames are fully supported. xlwings-powered workbooks are easy to distribute and work on Windows and Mac.

Getting Started

Start here if you are new to xlwings. Learn about the syntax, the RunPython call, the add-in and UDFs.

Advanced Features

More in-depths explanations about converters, debugging or how to write your own add-in.

Converters and Options
xlwings PRO

Use advanced features such as:

  • xlwings Server (self-hosted): no local Python required

  • xlwings Reports: work with templates

  • 1-click installer: bundle Python and all your packages

  • Embedded code: easy deployment

  • Ultra fast file reader: no Excel required

  • No more VBA: Call Python from Office Scripts and Office.js

  • Excel on the web & Google Sheets

Free for non-commercial use only.

License Key
API Reference

This is a description of all the classes, methods, properties and functions that xlwings offers to work with the Excel object model.

API Reference