Deployment Key

This feature requires xlwings PRO.

If you have an xlwings PRO developer license, you can generate a deployment key. A deployment key allows you to send an xlwings PRO tool to an end user without them requiring a paid license. A deployment key is also perpetual, i.e. doesn’t expire like a developer license.

In return, a deployment key only works with the version of xlwings that was used to generate the deployment key. A developer can generate new deployment keys for new versions of xlwings as long as they have an active xlwings PRO subscription.


You need a paid developer license to generate a deployment key. A trial license won’t work.

To create a deployment key, run the following command:

xlwings license deploy

Then paste the generated key into the xlwings config as LICENSE_KEY. For deployment purposes, usually the best place to do that is on a sheet called xlwings.conf, but you can also use an xlwings.conf file in either the same folder or in the .xlwings folder within the user’s home folder. To use an environment variable, use XLWINGS_LICENSE_KEY. See also User Settings.