Overview PRO#

xlwings PRO is source-available and dual-licensed under one of the following licenses:

PRO Features#

  • Ultra Fast File Reader: Similar to pandas.read_excel() but 5-25 times faster and you can leverage the convenient xlwings syntax. Works without an Excel installation and therefore on all platforms including Linux.

  • xlwings Server: With xlwings Server, you don’t need to install Python locally anymore. Instead, run it as a web app on a server. Works with Desktop Excel on Windows and macOS and with Google Sheet and Excel on the web. Runs on all platforms, including Linux, WSL and Docker.

  • Embedded code: Store your Python source code directly in Excel for easy deployment.

  • xlwings Reports: A template-based reporting framework, allowing business users to change the layout of the report without having to touch the Python code.

  • Markdown Formatting: Support for Markdown formatting of text in cells and shapes like e.g., text boxes.

  • Permissioning: Control which users can run which Python modules via xlwings.

Paid plans come with additional services like:

Check out the paid plans for more details!

License Key Activation#

To use xlwings PRO, you need to install a license key on a Terminal/Command Prompt like so:

xlwings license update -k YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

Make sure to replace LICENSE_KEY with your personal key (see below). This will store the license key in your xlwings.conf file (see User Config: Ribbon/Config File for where this is on your system). Instead of running this command, you can also store the license key as an environment variable with the name XLWINGS_LICENSE_KEY.

License Key for Commercial Purpose:

  • To try xlwings PRO for free in a commercial context, request a trial license key: https://www.xlwings.org/trial

  • To use xlwings PRO in a commercial context beyond the trial, you need to enroll in a paid plan (they include additional services like support and the ability to create one-click installers): https://www.xlwings.org/pricing

xlwings PRO licenses are developer licenses, are verified offline (i.e., no telemetry/license server involved) and allow royalty-free deployments to unlimited internal end-users and servers for a hassle-free management. External end-users are included with the business plan. Deployments use deploy keys that don’t expire but instead are bound to a specific version of xlwings.

License Key for non-commercial Purpose:

  • To use xlwings PRO for free in a non-commercial context, use the following license key: noncommercial (Note that you need at least xlwings 0.26.0).