Command Line Client

xlwings comes with a command line client that makes the handling of workbooks and add-in very easy. On Windows, type the commands into a Command Prompt, on Mac, type them into a Terminal.


  • xlwings quickstart myproject

This command is by far the fastest way to get off the ground: It creates a new folder myproject with the necessary Excel workbook (including the xlwings VBA module) and a Python file, ready to be used right away:


New in version 0.6.4.


  • xlwings template open: Opens a new Workbook with the xlwings VBA module
  • xlwings template install: Copies the xlwings template file to the correct Excel folder, see below
  • xlwings template update: Replaces the current xlwings template with the latest one
  • xlwings template remove: Removes the template from Excel’s template folder
  • xlwings template status: Shows if the template is installed together with the installation path

After installing, the templates are accessible via Excel’s Menu:

  • Win (Excel 2007, 2010): File > New > My templates
  • Win (Excel 2013, 2016): There’s an additional step needed as explained here
  • Mac (Excel 2011, 2016): File > New from template

New in version 0.6.0.

Add-in (Currently Windows-only)

The add-in is currently in an early stage and only provides one button to import User Defined Functions (UDFs). As such, it is only a developer add-in and not necessary to run Workbooks with xlwings.


Excel needs to be closed before installing/updating the add-in. If you’re still getting an error, start the Task Manager and make sure there are no EXCEL.EXE processes left. Currently only available on Windows!

  • xlwings addin install: Copies the xlwings add-in to the XLSTART folder
  • xlwings addin update: Replaces the current add-in with the latest one
  • xlwings addin remove: Removes the add-in from the XLSTART folder
  • xlwings addin status: Shows if the add-in is installed together with the installation path

After installing the add-in, it will be available as xlwings tab on the Excel Ribbon.

New in version 0.6.0.