xlwings PRO Overview#

xlwings PRO is source-available and dual-licensed under one of the following licenses:

License Key

To use xlwings PRO, you need to install a license key on a Terminal/Command Prompt like so:

xlwings license update -k YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

Make sure to replace LICENSE_KEY with your personal key (see below). This will store the license key in your xlwings.conf file (see User Config: Ribbon/Config File for where this is on your system). Instead of running this command, you can also store the license key as an environment variable with the name XLWINGS_LICENSE_KEY.

License key for noncommercial purpose:

  • To use xlwings PRO for free in a noncommercial context, use the following license key: noncommercial (Note that you need at least xlwings 0.26.0).

License key for commercial purpose:

  • To try xlwings PRO for free in a commercial context, request a trial license key: https://www.xlwings.org/trial

  • To use xlwings PRO in a commercial context beyond the trial, you need to enroll in a paid plan (they include additional services like support and the ability to create one-click installers): https://www.xlwings.org/pricing

xlwings PRO licenses are developer licenses, are verified offline (i.e., no telemetry/license server involved) and allow royalty-free deployments to unlimited internal and external end-users and servers for a hassle-free management. Deployments use deploy keys that don’t expire but instead are bound to a specific version of xlwings.

xlwings PRO functionality requires additionally the cryptography package, which comes preinstalled with Anaconda and WinPython. Otherwise, install it via pip or Conda. With pip, you can also run pip install "xlwings[pro]": this will take care of the extra dependencies for xlwings PRO.

PRO Features#

  • Remote Interpreter: Work with Google Sheets and Excel on the web and a remote Python interpreter.

  • Embedded code: Store your Python source code directly in Excel for easy deployment.

  • xlwings Reports: A template-based reporting mechanism, allowing business users to change the layout of the report without having to touch the Python code.

  • Markdown Formatting: Support for Markdown formatting of text in cells and shapes like e.g., text boxes.

  • Permissioning of Code Execution: Control which users can run which Python modules via xlwings.

Paid plans come with additional services like:

Check out the paid plans for more details!