Command Line Client (CLI)

xlwings comes with a command line client. On Windows, type the commands into a Command Prompt or Anaconda Prompt, on Mac, type them into a Terminal. To get an overview of all commands, simply type xlwings and hit Enter:

addin               Run "xlwings addin install" to install the Excel add-
                    in (will be copied to the XLSTART folder). Instead of
                    "install" you can also use "update", "remove" or
                    "status". Note that this command may take a while. Use
                    the "--unprotected" flag to install the add-in without
                    password protection. You can install your custom add-
                    in by providing the name or path via the --file flag,
                    e.g. "xlwings add-in install --file custom.xlam"
                    (New in 0.6.0, the unprotected flag was added in 0.20.4)
quickstart          Run "xlwings quickstart myproject" to create a folder
                    called "myproject" in the current directory with an
                    Excel file and a Python file, ready to be used. Use
                    the "--standalone" flag to embed all VBA code in the
                    Excel file and make it work without the xlwings add-
runpython           macOS only: run "xlwings runpython install" if you
                    want to enable the RunPython calls without installing
                    the add-in. This will create the following file:
                    (new in 0.7.0)
restapi             Use "xlwings restapi run" to run the xlwings REST API
                    via Flask dev server. Accepts "--host" and "--port" as
                    optional arguments.
license             xlwings PRO: Use "xlwings license update -k KEY" where
                    "KEY" is your personal (trial) license key. This will
                    update ~/.xlwings/xlwings.conf with the LICENSE_KEY
                    entry. If you have a paid license, you can run
                    "xlwings license deploy" to create a deploy key. This
                    is not available for trial keys.
config              Run "xlwings config create" to create the user config
                    file (~/.xlwings/xlwings.conf) which is where the
                    settings from the Ribbon add-in are stored. It will
                    configure the Python interpreter that you are running
                    this command with. To reset your configuration, run
                    this with the "--force" flag which will overwrite your
                    current configuration.
                    (New in 0.19.5)
code                Run "xlwings code embed" to embed all Python modules
                    of the workbook's dir in your active Excel file. Use
                    the "--file" flag to only import a single file by
                    providing its path. Requires xlwings PRO.
                    (Changed in 0.23.4)
permission          "xlwings permission cwd" prints a JSON string that can
                    be used to permission the execution of all modules in
                    the current working directory via GET request.
                    "xlwings permission book" does the same for code that
                    is embedded in the active workbook.
                    (New in 0.23.4)
release             Run "xlwings release" to configure your active
                    workbook to work with a one-click installer for easy
                    deployment. Requires xlwings PRO.
                    (New in 0.23.4)