xlwings PRO Overview

The purpose of xlwings PRO is to fund the continued maintenance and enhancement of xlwings. This will allow you to rely on the package without being left with the dreaded “this library currently has no active maintainers” message that happens to too many open-source packages after a couple of years.

xlwings PRO offers access to additional functionality. All PRO features are marked with xlwings PRO in the docs.


To get access to the additional functionality of xlwings PRO, you need a (trial) license key and at least xlwings v0.19.0. Everything under the xlwings.pro subpackage is distributed under a commercial license. To make use of xlwings PRO functionality beyond the trial, you will need to subscribe to one of our paid plans.

PRO Features

  • One-click Installer: Easily build your own Python installer including all dependencies—your end users don’t need to know anything about Python.

  • Embedded code: Store your Python source code directly in Excel for easy deployment.

  • xlwings Reports: A template-based reporting mechanism, allowing business users to change the layout of the report without having to touch the Python code.

  • Markdown Formatting: Support for Markdown formatting of text in cells and shapes like e.g., text boxes.

  • Permissioning of Code Execution: Control which users can run which Python modules via xlwings.

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