class Tables(impl)

A collection of all table objects on the specified sheet:

>>> import xlwings as xw
>>> xw.books['Book1'].sheets[0].tables
Tables([<Table 'Table1' in <Sheet [Book11]Sheet1>>,
        <Table 'Table2' in <Sheet [Book11]Sheet1>>])

Added in version 0.21.0.

add(source=None, name=None, source_type=None, link_source=None, has_headers=True, destination=None, table_style_name='TableStyleMedium2')

Creates a Table to the specified sheet.


sourcexlwings range, default None

An xlwings range object, representing the data source.

namestr, default None

The name of the Table. By default, it uses the autogenerated name that is assigned by Excel.

source_typestr, default None

This currently defaults to xlSrcRange, i.e. expects an xlwings range object. No other options are allowed at the moment.

link_sourcebool, default None

Currently not implemented as this is only in case source_type is xlSrcExternal.

has_headersbool or str, default True

Indicates whether the data being imported has column labels. Defaults to True. Possible values: True, False, 'guess'

destinationxlwings range, default None

Currently not implemented as this is used in case source_type is xlSrcExternal.

table_style_namestr, default ‘TableStyleMedium2’

Possible strings: 'TableStyleLightN' (where N is 1-21), 'TableStyleMediumN' (where N is 1-28), 'TableStyleDarkN' (where N is 1-11)




>>> import xlwings as xw
>>> sheet = xw.Book().sheets[0]
>>> sheet['A1'].value = [['a', 'b'], [1, 2]]
>>> table = sheet.tables.add(source=sheet['A1'].expand(), name='MyTable')
>>> table
<Table 'MyTable' in <Sheet [Book1]Sheet1>>