class Books(impl)

A collection of all book objects:

>>> import xlwings as xw
>>> xw.books  # active app
Books([<Book [Book1]>, <Book [Book2]>])
>>> xw.apps[10559].books  # specific app, get the PIDs via xw.apps.keys()
Books([<Book [Book1]>, <Book [Book2]>])

Added in version 0.9.0.

property active

Returns the active Book.


Creates a new Book. The new Book becomes the active Book. Returns a Book object.

open(fullname=None, update_links=None, read_only=None, format=None, password=None, write_res_password=None, ignore_read_only_recommended=None, origin=None, delimiter=None, editable=None, notify=None, converter=None, add_to_mru=None, local=None, corrupt_load=None, json=None)

Opens a Book if it is not open yet and returns it. If it is already open, it doesn’t raise an exception but simply returns the Book object.


fullnamestr or path-like object

filename or fully qualified filename, e.g. r'C:\path\to\file.xlsx' or 'file.xlsm'. Without a full path, it looks for the file in the current working directory.

Other Parameters

see: xlwings.Book()


Book : Book that has been opened.