class Table(*args, **options)#

The table object is a member of the tables collection:

>>> import xlwings as xw
>>> sht = xw.books['Book1'].sheets[0]
>>> sht.tables[0]  # or sht.tables['TableName']
<Table 'Table 1' in <Sheet [Book1]Sheet1>>

在 0.21.0 版本加入.

property api#

返回正在使用的引擎的原生对象( pywin32appscript 对象)。

property data_body_range#

Returns an xlwings range object that represents the range of values, excluding the header row

property display_name#

Returns or sets the display name for the specified Table object

property header_row_range#

Returns an xlwings range object that represents the range of the header row

property insert_row_range#

Returns an xlwings range object representing the row where data is going to be inserted. This is only available for empty tables, otherwise it’ll return None

property name#

Returns or sets the name of the Table.

property parent#

Returns the parent of the table.

property range#

Returns an xlwings range object of the table.


Resize a Table by providing an xlwings range object

在 0.24.4 版本加入.

property show_autofilter#

Turn the autofilter on or off by setting it to True or False (read/write boolean)

property show_headers#

Show or hide the header (read/write)

property show_table_style_column_stripes#

Returns or sets if the Column Stripes table style is used for (read/write boolean)

property show_table_style_first_column#

Returns or sets if the first column is formatted (read/write boolean)

property show_table_style_last_column#

Returns or sets if the last column is displayed (read/write boolean)

property show_table_style_row_stripes#

Returns or sets if the Row Stripes table style is used (read/write boolean)

property show_totals#

Gets or sets a boolean to show/hide the Total row.

property table_style#

Gets or sets the table style. See Tables.add for possible values.

property totals_row_range#

Returns an xlwings range object representing the Total row

update(data, index=True)#

Updates the Excel table with the provided data. Currently restricted to DataFrames.

在 0.24.0 版本发生变更.


datapandas DataFrame

Currently restricted to pandas DataFrames.

indexbool类型, 缺省值为True

Whether or not the index of a pandas DataFrame should be written to the Excel table.




import pandas as pd
import xlwings as xw

sheet = xw.Book('Book1.xlsx').sheets[0]
table_name = 'mytable'

# Sample DataFrame
nrows, ncols = 3, 3
df = pd.DataFrame(data=nrows * [ncols * ['test']],
                  columns=['col ' + str(i) for i in range(ncols)])

# Hide the index, then insert a new table if it doesn't exist yet,
# otherwise update the existing one
df = df.set_index('col 0')
if table_name in [ for table in sheet.tables]:
    mytable = sheet.tables.add(source=sheet['A1'],